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Our team consists of experienced interior designers with a broad education. From the Art Academy, the HMC , Interior Architecture, Rozenbrood Trend Academy, to Artemis, Nimeto and the Jan des Bouvrie Academy. This is what our team says about their work:

Hiske de Jong

"I sit around the table with many different people: lawyers, healthcare professionals, expats, IT professionals, pensioners, you name it. Every conversation is different and so is every design. As a designer, I have complete freedom at Total4Living. Moreover, there is much more possible than what is shown in the showroom. Besides our collection, we can order anything. Almost all our brands are from Dutch suppliers."

Lotte van Essen

"Total4Living is both a design studio and a shop. The contact with customers is great fun; it's really nice to help people further with their interiors. That could be wall coverings or a complete design. Some people know exactly what they want, others are blank. A lot more is often possible than people think. Customisation almost always offers a solution, even when it seems impossible. I really like fabrics and prints, and I love it when people dare to do something."

Delilah Jansen

"For an interior designer, Total4Living is the ideal workplace! There is nothing better than to realise a complete interior with a lot of creativity and our beautiful brands. We make sure we are always up to date with the latest developments and trends. Our suppliers provide training and we annually visit the important international trade fairs, such as Salone del Mobile in Milan. My favourite in our collection is the Italian brand Dedar. This family company makes insanely beautiful fabrics for curtains, but also for upholstering a chair or a sofa, for example. The patterns are very special. You really make a statement with them."