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Our team consists of experienced interior designers with a broad education. From the Art Academy, the HMC , Interior Architecture, Rozenbrood Trend Academy, to Artemis, Nimeto and the Jan des Bouvrie Academy. This is what our team says about their work:

Hiske de Jong

"I sit around the table with many different people: lawyers, healthcare professionals, expats, IT professionals, pensioners, you name it. Every conversation is different and so is every design. As a designer, I have complete freedom at Total4Living. Moreover, there is much more possible than what is shown in the showroom. Besides our collection, we can order anything. Almost all our brands are from Dutch suppliers."

Lotte van Essen

"Total4Living is both a design studio and a shop. The contact with clients is very nice; it is very pleasant to help people further with their interior. That can be wall coverings or a complete design. Some people know exactly what they want, others are blank. There is often much more possible than people think. Custom work almost always offers a solution, even when it seems impossible. I'm very fond of fabrics and prints, and I love it when people dare to do something."

Maxime Scheffer

"The back office is my domain. I do the administration and orders and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Usually, with this kind of job, you are in a dull office, but my place is in the middle of this beautiful business. I look at my interior design colleagues with admiration. They put a lot of energy into their work and put themselves in the client's shoes. It's really amazing what they manage to create! They don't go for the most expensive options, but for the best, the most beautiful choices. I like that, they give honest advice."