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Transforming your home into one that truly suits you? At Total4Living, we understand that your interior should reflect your personality and lifestyle. From the initial conversation to the final finishing touches, we are ready to make your vision a reality.

1. Start

We always start with a no-obligation conversation, to get to know each other and identify your living requirements. We ask about the desired style and use of your new home or the specific areas you would like to address.

2. Interior plan

You will receive an interior design in the form of a mood board, material plan and preliminary layout plan in 2D, giving you a clear picture

3. Final interior plan

After discussing the initial plans, we will work out the final plan with 2D and, if desired, 3D drawings. At this stage, we will also look at the budget and pick the final items to match.

4. Implementation of interior plan

After approval of the final plan and quotation, we supervise the process from order to delivery. We keep in touch with our suppliers and ensure that everything is coordinated in terms of planning.

5. Realisation

As far as we are concerned, this is the most fun to do! At this stage we will start with the furnishing! Upon delivery, we are happy to come along to take care of everything and for finishing styling tips!

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