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Tom Dixon Melt Mini Pendant Lamp

Tom Dixon Melt Mini pendant lamp

The Melt collection is an iconic collection by Tom Dixon. The Melt lamp is reminiscent of melted glass by glassblowing. Its organic shape makes this lamp blend beautifully into the room. The shine gives a luxurious feel and really makes a statement in the interior. When the lamp is off, the material reflects. When turned on, the lamp becomes transparent and this interior piece gets a completely different effect. The built-in light source reflects in the lamp itself and gives a special effect.

Colour: Chrome
Material: polycarbonate
Wattage: max. 9W
Voltage: 220v/240v
Dimmable: yes
Designer: Tom Dixon
New price: €786
Dimensions: 28cm x 28cm x 27cm (lxwxh)
Condition: very good, showroom model

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